Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Maybe one of these days I will learn to put the pictures here in the order I want them, but these are a bit random.
On Tuesday we took a train to Nurnberg for District meeting.  We ended up having a bit of an adventure getting home.  The train stopped about half way home (some repair work on the track) so we had to get on a bus.  We were on the bus but the two Elders with us did not get on.  The bus went for a while and stopped. Some people were getting off to get on another bus.  We did not know which bus to take, but we found a lady who spoke English and she got us on the right bus.  I think we should have stayed with the Elders.  We did meet up again later.

This is just a picture I took when we were stopped waiting for a bus.  The country is beautiful here.  Everything is very green, much like the Northwest.  The weather reminds me of Seattle.  It has been cool and has a little bit of drizzle every day.  The people here are wondering when Summer is coming.  We had one hot day and it was very humid which was not to my liking so maybe cool is best.
All the Elders and one Sister in District.  Don't they look like nice young men?
Waiting for the train.
This is a landmark on the Post (it is actually called a garrison).  Whenever you see pictures of the garrison area, you usually see this landmark.
Monday is our P day.  We got out on the bikes.  I wondered if I could still ride a bike, but it all comes back.  Every morning now we get up and ride our bikes to the gym, exercise at their really nice gym and bike home and climb the stairs to our apartment.  It is a bit intimidating exercising when all the army guys are in there working out.  They all look like they are in great shape.

Below are some pictures our apartment.  Notice the cookies.  I made them for the District Meeting, which made me quite popular.

Auf Wiederschen

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Few Added Pictures

I just wanted to add a couple of pictures to my previous ones.  This is our apartment.  We live on the third floor.  This is very typical of the German homes.  They are almost always two or three levels with a different family living on each floor.
This is the church building which they rent.  It is quite nice.  No one else uses the bldg.
We had dinner Sunday evening with Hyrum Durtschi and family.  They have twin boys five years old, and they are a hand full.  We have a nice evening with them.  His wife Rochelle is going to take me shopping on Post tomorrow.  It will be a while before we get shopping privileges.  There is a bit of red tape to go through.  I should have taken a picture of us on Saturday shopping at the German grocery store.  It was kind of fun trying to figure out what things were.
Just the sign on the church.  We do have two very nice Elders in the ward as well as ourselves.  They have been very help in showing us around and helping us get started hereOpps, another picture of the church.


Here are a few pictures of our past few days.  We are doing fine.   Went to church today, and we have quite a big ward with lots of nice people.  Everyone is very friendly.
This is plane undergoing mechanical problems.  Took  3 1/2 hours to fix and get us on our way.
Settling in on our 10 hour flight to Munich.
We spent the first night at the Mission President's home.  They were very nice and gave us a little instruction and sent us on our way the next day.  

Here we are standing in front of the mission office.  The assistants to the president also live here.
The cemetery is in our back yard.  You can see they headstones are quite large.  They all have plots of ground on top planed with flowers.  It is quite a pretty sight.
Looking down our street.  
I liked this cute house.   They all seem to take good care of their yards.
Grafenwohr is not too big, but it is quite picturesque.  Every little city has a church.
Just another look down a street close to where we live.

Monday, July 13, 2009


It was fun to have dinner on Sunday with Beldon and Christa.  They surprised us by having the Binns and also Andrea and Katrina and their families.  It has been many years since I have seen them so it was fun to catch up on their families.  I thought Becky and Kurt would especially enjoy seeing the pictures.
This is, of course, Andrea, her husband and two of her children.

This is Katrina's family.  Her husband hadn't arrived yet.  Her daughter was going to EFY this week.  She has passed up her Mom in height.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


My pictures are all in the wrong order.  Sorry.  But maybe you can get get the idea.  I thought this picture of all the book bags was interesting.  They missionaries all come in for lunch or dinner and drop their stuff here.
This is just a small portion of the missionaries eating.  Can you imagine fixing three meals a day for over 2,000 missionaries?
We had great food.  They always had three or four choices.  They always had a salad bar and fruit.  Always had peanut butter & jelly and this is for you, Joe.  They always had a cereal bar.
They always had cookies and several dessert choices.  It's good we were only there a week!
On Saturday we went to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple
Yes we are going to Germany.
This is part of the senior missionaries.  We were all trying to learn a language and met to have a testimony meeting using our new found skills. 
One of our language tutors.

We had a special week at the MTC.   We worked hard and were tired out, but came away feeling inspired to do all we can to do our part.  We are excited to board that airplane on Tuesday morning.  I have quite a few pictures to post so hope you don't seeing a little view of what we experienced.

As I said, everything is in the wrong order. 

Saturday, July 4, 2009


We have spent our last night in our home for 18 months. Today we will finish packing and then we are out of here!


Thursday, July 2, 2009


I had a short trip to Park City over the weekend. Kurt and Shannon had a lovely, spacious condo. I enjoyed seeing all the kids having a good time together. We always miss those of you not able to be there.

I have now said goodbye to the Toolsons about four times. I'm sure they wish we would just get going. I haven't officially said goodbye to the Kindricks so guess we are okay there. We are for sure going to be at the MTC on Monday. Yea!

Last night Brian and I had a night at the theatre. This was our first time going to the Tuacahn Ampitheatre. You couldn't ask for a more beautiful setting. The prices are reasonable so anyone coming to St. George should plan to go. I believe they alternate between doing "Annie", Footloose" and later "Aida". I believe they are also doing a production of "High School Musical". You could check on line when you are here. I believe the season runs until sometime in October. Anyway, we had a fun time see "Annie". We even had a little rain delay as a thunder storm passed over.