Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just a glimpse of our trip.

I spent a few days in Seattle with my good friends, Dorene and Debby.  It was funny when one evening we were all checking out our IPads.  Seattle looked so green and beautiful.  It was nice to see green again.

Becky and I were at Tiffany's baby shower.

We drove thru Rexburg and had dinner with Brian and his friend, Melissa.  I can't say if it is serious but I guess it is a work in progress.  Brian and I were both very impressed with her.  She is very sweet, pleasant, and fun to be with.  I think Brian R. is on the right track.  She is from Columbia, but her family has lived in the States since she was eight years old.

Does this bring back some good memories?

Yes, we did enjoy our shakes.

Beautiful Bear Lake!   It was very quiet there.  All the tourists are gone.  The leaves are starting to turn and it was beautiful.

The Peach City has a new look, but luckily the milk shakes are still the best.

 We enjoyed seeing our Washington family even if it was rather short.  Brian was able to see Paul and Joe's football game.  Too bad, we couldn't have been to the game where Paul scored two touch downs. Brian was impressed with Paul, and said if the QB could get the ball to him, he could catch it.  Good for you, Paul.

Friday, September 9, 2011

What Excitement!

It has been a good, long while since I have done a blog.  Could it be that I don't have anything to blog about?  We were all at the reunion and I didn't have any pictures that you didn't have, and yours were probably better than mine.

My time this last week has been getting new bedding.  It started when Sherry was here.  We looked at bedding everywhere.  I brought home and returned three or four different bedspreads, pillows and drapes. I have been busy buying and returning.  The clerks probably dreaded seeing me coming.  I finally settled on the one below.  I don't think the pictures do it justice, but I am happy with it.  What do you think?   

 I love the colorful pillow in the middle.  What I need to complete the room is a nice chair for the corner with some of the colors that are in that pillow.

I found this cute lamp today at Lowe's.

Anyway, that is the excitement in my life.

However, we leave for Washington on Sunday afternoon so I look forward to that trip.