Friday, May 29, 2009


We had a fun week in Washington, arriving home last night.  We were lucky to be able to be part of so many different events that took place.  Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of some of the events that I should have.
Brian and I drove  a 2-hr drive up north to Oroville to see Bronte's track meet.   Then, the next day we drove 3 plus hours south to Zillaw (sp)  to see Katy play in two soft ball games.  Sorry, I didn't have any photos to show of that. We were glad to be able to see Bronte run in the 400 and 800 meter races.  Katy's team won their first game and lost the second so they didn't advance to State, but she did a good job of pitching.  (We also saw Luke play in his baseball game, which I didn't get a photo of.  He had a couple of nice hits in his game)

Sunday, we were there to see Joe ordained to the Priesthood and Paul ordained a Teacher.  We expect that things from you two.
A visit to downtown Chelan for smoothies.
Memorial Day barbeque and some family games.
Luke looked like he was having fun at his elementary school festival.  I hope you sold lots of popcorn!
And this!  I had to throw this in.  Last week in the Deseret News this was a full page advertisement for the movie New Moon.  Also, not shown in the photo, was notice of a big preview party for the movie.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Brian and I were lucky to have the Kindrick's spend the Mother's Day weekend with us. Saturday there was a city festival of some kind (I don't even know what the occasion was.) and the kids had a little fun with some of the activities.

The girls trying out some of their fantastic prizes for one of the games.
The kids ready for church. 
 Brian and I had to speak in church on Sunday so that is out of the way.  We came home and had a nice dinner.  Then all too soon it was time for them to head for home.

I hope all of your had a nice Mother's Day, especially you mothers.  I heard from each of my children and even some of my grandchildren, which was nice.  The biggest surprise was a phone call from Elder Richardson.  It was great talking to him.  He sounds great, says he loves his mission, but I don't think he is crazy about his companion right now.  We all have trials, right?  But he is doing great.

Thank all of you for your love notes, phone calls, and gifts.  I don't deserve you.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I know you have seen this picture or one like it on Kristie's blog, but I had to add it to mine also.  It was such a fun experience to go to Women's Conference at BYU with Kristie.  I had never been, but it certainly won't be the last time for me.  The theme was "Strength in the Lord".  It really gave me a spiritual boost.  I would say the main theme was as women we need to be strong and faithful and raise a righteous generation.  "In the strength of the Lord, I can do all things" was really stressed.  Each of YOU can make a difference in your sphere of influence.  The Lord will give us strength to get through our trials, and we will be a better person because of them if we meet them with faith and trust in the Lord.  (Sorry,  I got carried away) . 
As Kristie also mentioned, we participated in this fun service project.  It was just one of many that they had arranged.  I can't imagine all the planning that went into these projects.  They had quilts, dolls, puppets, tutu's, baby fleece blankets, hygene kits, to name a few.  This is a shot of some of the ladies working diligently on their project.  It was fun to be part of it.
This is my good friend, Amy Springer.  She was in our ward when Brian was bishop of the University Ward.  She is just an amazing person.  She has friends in high places and was on the committee for Women's Conference.  She was also one of the speakers and did a fabulous , amazing job.  Isn't she just the cutest!  Why some wonderful, handsome guy hasn't snapped her up and married her is just beyond me.  Maybe she is just too good for all of them!
This is a picture of Mia giving Brian and I "the look".  She seldom talks to us.  Once in a while, if we are lucky we might get a smile.  But usually she gives us "the look".  However, she doesn't run away from us now, and since Brian did tend her a few times while we were at Women's Conference, she has warmed up to him.  I hope she will be able to remember us so we won't have to start over in 18 months.  She is a sweet little girl and was an angel for Brian to tend.  Kristie tells us she is not so quiet and easy going with her.