Thursday, March 26, 2009


I needed a new hair style.  Brian and Julia can tell you that I have done plenty of complaining about my hair.  I don't really know why but it was bugging me.  Yesterday I got brave enough to go in and ask for a "sassy", short cut.  This is the result.  I think I can get used to it, at least it isn't hanging in my eyes.  Spring calls for changes.  The blouse is one I bought in Las Vegas when us girls were there.  I liked the print, but now in this picture I think it makes me look a little fat.  Oh well, at least I like my hair okay.   Anybody else up for some changes?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Visiting Morgantown

I spent a great week with the Kelleys in Morgantown.  The kids were great and are such funny little people!  Loraya loves  school and would probably go every day including the weekends if she could.  Isaac is still in love with his cars and his letters. (G is his favorite).  We went to the outlet Mall one day, took in the Zoo on the day I was leaving, and also went to the "big" mall up in Pittsburg.  If you can believe it, Julia had a difficult time finding just the right pair of shoes in Nordstrom!  But she eventually prevailed.  It would be bad to go home empty handed.

Below is a sampling of pictures..
I helped Julia color her hair.   The picture above is the beautiful result.  She was tired to paying a lot of money to get it done.  I think it turned out great.  (Sorry the pictures are out of order and upside down.  I can't seem to fix mistakes.

All dressed up in their Sunday best.

We had a fun day and evening with the Glades on Saturday.  We went to the temple visitor's Center and saw the Joseph Smith movie, had a nice, thick and delicious milk shake.  Now I know were to go for a great shake.  Can't go very often, however--bad for my growing figure.
We visited  and showed them our home and went out to dinner.  A pretty exciting day considering our usual activities.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


In Utah it looked like this!  We had two snow storms while we were there and it dumped 5-8 inches.  It was very beautiful, but sooo cold.

Now, we are back to this!

We had a great time tending the Kindrick kids.  They are quite a handful for an old grandma and grandpa, but we managed quite nicely.  They each have their individual positives and may a few little negatives.  Luke is quiet and keeps to himself, but is a nice boy.    Kennedy is a sweetheart.  She was very cooperative and helpful.  Every morning she made her bed without being asked.  I was impressed with how she kept her room looking nice.  Lizzy is a cutie, but is a pistol.  I think someone at church described her best.  She ran by him and I heard him say, "That little girl is a firecracker!  I think Kristie and Dave will end up with a few gray hairs before she is grown up.  But she is lots of fun.  Now Mia.  What a sweet little girl she is.  She still didn't talk much to us. When she wanted something, she would come and stand by me and look at me.  I would ask her what she wanted and she just looked at me so I would start guessing what she might want.  It was interesting!  Usually it was something she wanted to eat.  However, most of the time she helps herself to food.  She is in the refrigerator all the time. Both Lizzy and Mia like to change their clothes a few times a day so when I go into their room there are clothes everywhere.  They need a full-time maid to go behind them.  But it was nice to spend time with them.

Now tomorrow I am off to Julia's.  Looking forward to seeing the Morgantown Kellys!