Wednesday, December 30, 2009


These pictures are totally out of any kind of order--just a mixture of our activities this past week. I didn't take enough pictures when the Eberle's were here. But it is what it is. We were so glad to have company for Christmas. Shareen and Mike and girls came Christmas day.

Christmas Eve dinner.
Sometimes it can be difficult to get a perfect group photo. The Eberle girls were not cooperating. You can see how happy Anya is.

It's better, but not so perfect. Oh, well, they look cute all ready for church.

Christmas Morning.
Waiting their turn.

Christmas Eve Photo Gallery

The Kindrick bunch!

Santa's helpers

We visited the nativity and visitors center at the temple.

The Kindrick kids decorated a gingerbread house.

Sometimes a little expert help is needed.

Getting Started.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


We had an enjoyable day seeing, tasting and enjoying all the sights of the Christmas market with Christa and Beldon.

There was a kinder market  for the little ones.

It might be hard to tell from this picture, but this was a really cool two-story carousel.

We had to taste almost everything.  This is a waffle on a stick dipped in chocolate.

This display shows the most famous of the treats. Nurnberg is famous for its lubkuchen.  As you can see there are many varieties, shapes and flavors.  It resembled gingerbread, but not exactly.

Yes, it was cold.  Elder Toolson and I bought something there to keep our ears warm.

There were, of course, lots of displays and booths to entice us to buy.

More goodies to try.

At the noon hour the church clock opened up and the little figures came out and played music for us.

These types of nativity and other scenes are what Germany is famous for.  They do lots of very cool things of wood.  I didn't buy a nativity but some really cute wooden figures called "smokers". I'll post a picture of them later and you can see my apartment decorations (what there is of them).

 Continue on for more pictures.