Monday, June 22, 2009


Yesterday we were set apart by the Stake President to serve as missionaries. He gave us both a very special blessing. Hopefully, in two weeks we will feel more like missionaries. We don't need any more set backs.

Brian is feeling good, has been walking everyday and feeling stronger. Now, he just needs to get this surgery over and recover from it. I was talking to a lady in our ward who was telling me that her husband has had the procedure done, and it went very well with good results. That is what we are hoping for. Keep the prayers coming.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I heard something on the radio today that made an impression on me so decided to pass it along to see what you think.

I was listening to Dr. Laura (I don't hear her often, but it happened to be on the radio as I was coming home today) and this conversation took place. I woman called her to ask her how she got motivated to exercise. Dr. Laura said motivation has nothing to do with it. Sometimes we say to ourselves, "I don't feel like doing this or that" whatever it might be. She said you don't exercise because of motivation. You do it because of determination. You do things that need doing even if you "don't feel like it" because of grit or determination. I think this could apply to lots of things we don't really feel like doing.

I liked that. What do you think?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


You all know the bad part with Brian having such a miserable week. He didn't really get out of the house. Oh, I forgot, one afternoon he was feeling well enough to do some yard work for Shareen! That didn't last long. By the next day he was really sick. Since, coming home he is slowly getting better. He doesn't look too perky does he?

The good part of our California trip was having time with Shareen, Mike and the girls. Mike was in Boston the first of the week, but returned on Wednesday night.
Camille and Anya lookin' good for Church on Sunday.
One afternoon we went down to my favorite beach there in Oceanside. Walking on the pier should bring back memories for all of you.

Enjoying a little time on the swings.