Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hawaii Post Script

Well, I had intended to blog yesterday and post some Hawaii pictures, but I could not download any pictures for some reason.  So, I posted the pictures on facebook instead.  I should have deleted some of them as there were dupicates and some not so good ones.

Of course, I had a great time.  Sherry and Jeff are very good hosts.  Jeff likes to be on the go, so we did lots of driving and covered the whole island before I left.  The Big Island (very original name) is different, I think, from the others I have been to.  There have been five different volcano irruptions over the years so many parts of the island are nothing but lava flows that are now rocks.   We drove to the top of the largest of the volclanoes.  However, the southeast side of the island is very tropical.  Now get this, they get 250 inches of rain each year. Amazing!  We visited rain forests, tropical gardens with very lush vegetation, beautiful waterfalls, etc.  The Kona district where we stayed is very dry and only gets about 10 inches of rainfall a year.  The weather was beautiful most days with only a few mornings of cloudy weather.  

I finally said that I would like to visit a beach so we did get to one for a half-day.  They surf was really high most of the time we were there so it was fun to watch all the water activity--surfers etc.
I didn't come home with a tan, which is fine.  I don't need any more wrinkles.  The one thing we didn't see was some of the nicer beaches which are located in the area of the big resorts.  We ran out of daylight on the day we were in that area.

The Thorne's condo is nicely located.  We are across the street from the ocean with no trees to block the view.  My favorite thing was sitting out on the Lani listening  and watching the waves roll in.

Anyway, I am back home now to take care of Brian.  It was good of him to stay home while I vacationed.