Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yes, we had a little accident. Luckily, it was not our fault. We were driving on a side street by the post office and a truck that had been parked, backed into us. It doesn't look like much but it will be $4,000.00 to fix us up. The car will be in the shop for about 10 days. They will provide us with a rental car so I guess that is what we will be driving to California next Friday.

The good part is that at least one side of our car will look like new when it is done.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010



We send our best wishes for a great day. You have a lot to

look forward to in the next while. First, you finish up

your job at Target, go on an extended vacation, and

start Dental School. Way to go!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A few pictures from Washington State.

Katie is looking very cute. We enjoyed staying at Becky's for the first week and then were at Toolsons for another week.

One of the highlights of our trip was being able to be to Bronte's graduation.

It is always nice to have the support of family when important things are going on.

We were also able to go to Seminary graduation. Bronte was one of the speakers and did an awesome job.

Isn't Sean a cutie!

We were able to meet David, Tiffany and Sean for breakfast (along with Becky and Katie and Kurt) before we headed to Spokane to catch our flight. Lucky, Kurt, got to drive us. Thank you, Kurt.

Check out the next post. It is new, but the news is old!

Better Late Than Never!

These pictures are from last month, but wanted to put them up anyway.

We were able to go to girl's dance program. They looked soooo cute.

My siblings decided we didn't like the headstone for our Mom and Dad. Bob and Corene did the work on getting a new one. This was my first opportunity to see it. I thought it was very nice. On the back side are listed all the children's names.

Remember our garden? We actually have some things growing. The lettuce looked very nice at this point. On our return from spending two weeks in Washington, everything had gone wild. We did pick some squash, peppers and beets.

Having Julia and Macey here for a week was a highlight. We enjoyed them so much.

It was hard to pick which picture of Macey to include. I had lots of cute ones. Julia is right in saying that she is very curious and busy now that she can get around.

Having Kristie and the girls come down was great. The girls sure had fun with Macey.