Saturday, August 30, 2008

Week's entertainment

Last monday we had a family night activity with some of our Shoreline friends. I realized it may be some time before we would be together again. I will definitely miss them all. Dorene and I have been friends ever since Brian and I moved back to Seattle after being in Germany. We raised our kids together. They are all special to us and I know that when I am sitting in St. George in my nice, new house I will be wondering who I can go out to lunch with. Sigh! We were in Utah this week and drove to St. George to see the progress of our house. It is coming along, and was all framed in so we could actually imagine how it will look and see the size of the rooms, etc. We were able to pick out the tile, capret and granite. See are excited to see the progress.

Today, we made a very quick trip to the Mall to look for some new school clothes for Kennedy and Lizzy. They found a cute, new outfit to wear to school next week.

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Special Day

Yesterday we went to the temple with Brian Richardson! Brian had the special opportunity to be his escort. Becky (of course), and Kurt and Shannon were also there. Afterward, we celebrated by going to The Cheesecake Factory. It was delicious, and a great ending for a wonderful day. We are so proud of Brian and the good decisions he is making.

Friday, August 8, 2008

My talented grand-daughter

A few months ago, Brian was intrigued with Bronte's art ability and commissioned her to do a portrait of us from a photograph.  It was going to be a Mother's Day present, but Bronte was too busy to get it done by then.  She finished it a while ago, and I saw it, but her art teacher was going to frame it.  Anyway, today he brought it over.  Didn't she do a fantastic job?


Well, here goes trying to start a blog.  Shannon is helping me, but don't get too excited.  I don't know what I am doing.  We just got back today from Seattle, Utah and St. George.  We had a nice time seeing the Kindricks, although, we weren't there too long.  Actually, they left us on Sunday to drive to California and we entertained ourselves until our flight left on Tuesday afternoon.   We spent a day and a night in St. George and went over the house details with the builder.  Monday, we went to the cabinet maker and selected cabinets, then drove up to Park City and did a little shopping.  Last night we went to Jesse Doman's wedding.  And, here we are back in Manson.

  Brian is actually reading Twilight, and is almost finished.  He won't commit himself to reading a second one.  He isn't quite as enthused as the rest of us.  I finished Breaking Dawn and was quite happy with it.  I enjoyed the book and liked the ending.  However, it was a bit weird in a few places.

I guess that catches you up on our activities.  I'll try and learn how to add a picture.