Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today instead of my usual running route, I decided to hike up the hill above Manson so I could enjoy the beautiful view.  The weather here now is just lovely.  Actually, we are having Oceanside-type weather.  It has been in the high 70's everyday.  It's heaven!

I also walked past the apple orchards.  The trees are just loaded.  I was thinking that last winter the trees looked dead.  It was hard to imagine anything growing on them ever again.  Then in the spring the blossoms came out, then little apples, and now they are full of beautiful apples of every kind.  Just another miracle that God has given us.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A day at the fair

Last Wednesday night and Thursday I spent at the Okanogan County Fair as a chaperone for Katy. She had raised a pig this summer and brought it to the fair to sell. It is quite a scene to watch the kids clean the pig pens and wash their pigs to get them ready to show and be judged. The first picture shows Katy washing her pig, and the second one she is showing off her pig to the judge. The kids from Pateros did have a bit of bad luck. There were 10 kids from Pateros who raised a pig and only three of them had a pig that met the required weight to sell. They were all feeling pretty sad. But they still had to stay at the fair to take care of their pig until the fair closes on Sunday. I don't know why they can't take their pig back and feed it a few more weeks and then try to sell it after it is bigger, but I guess that doesn't happen.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Two Goodbyes

Brian didn't get the best start to his travel plans.  He got to the airport in Wenatchee about 20 minutes before the Horizon flight was to leave, and they told him it was too late to check in.  It was very disgusting to see the plane still sitting there, but they wouldn't let him on because the front desk was closed.  Luckily, Brian was going to have a three-hour layover in Seattle.  Brian and I had gone to see him off  and we volunteered to drive him to Sea-Tac.  So here he is getting in our red car.
We made it to the airport in plenty of time.  His luggage must have passed the weight requirement because they took it.  Here he is in the security check line.  It seems so weird that as I am writing this, he is now in Sao Paulo.  Good luck to Brian.
One more goodby.  Yesterday, was also Kyle's departure date.  He was ready to go by noon, but it took Becky and Bob until about 4:00 to get ready. (More on that later).  Anyway, we said goodby to Kyle.