Friday, June 17, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

Well, so what else is new?  My pictures are in the totally opposite order that I wanted them.  Just when I thought I knew what I was doing!

So, we will start at the end of our trip and proceed to the beginning.

We were happy to be able to give a cheer for Kristie finishing her half marathon.  Doesn't she look perky?

 Here she is coming into the finishing area.  Of course, she is the one in black, as if  you couldn''t tell.

We stopped in Brigham City and splurged on a milk shake at the Peach City and then drove to see how the temple was progressing.  It is really taking shape.  I was surprised to see how different it looks now.

We were lucky to be included in Bronte's 19th birthday celebration.  Shannon made Cafe Rio Burritos and strawberry shortcake.  Yum!  It sure beats our Nutri System food.

Sean is as cute as ever.

Brian gets to carry all of Katie's graduation loot.  Such a helpful big brother.

The main reason for our trip to Washington--being there for Katie's graduation.  By the way, did I tell you she did a fantastic job on her valedictorian speech.

 I just liked this  picture of Katie.  She is looking up to her future.

Okay, here we are on the first day of our drive.  We took a detour off the freeway and stopped in Manti and in Spring City.  I mentioned earlier that in Spring City, many of our ancestors on my mother's side lived and died here.  It is really a pretty little town. They are restoring some of the old homes and buildings.

 I was looking for a particular home that one of our relatives lived in, but couldn't find it.  But this restored home from that era reminded me of it.

They have a beautiful stone church.

Reddick Allred, one of our relatives, was in the Mormon Battalion so this was a marker by his grave.

Just a few of the many headstones that mark our ancestors' final resting place.

Joseph Blain is my mother's grandfather.

Our first stop was taking a picture of the beautiful Manti temple.

That is our trip from last to first.  Are you confused?

We are  back home.  We have had our first 100 degree weather here this week.  I read in the paper that we have an average of 61 days of 100 degree weather and above.  We are just getting started.