Saturday, December 10, 2011


These are a few of my favorite things right now.

A decorated Christmas tree.

A new Christmas decoration.

Nativity scenes--I didn't put up all of my nativity sets so I miss them.

Christmas cookies ready to deliver to shut-ins.

Christmas music.  I can't get enough of the music.

Christmas books.  I love reading Christmas stories.  Besides the scriptures, that is all I am reading until Christmas.  Oh, I will probably read the newspaper!

Another favorite of mine.  Isn't he cute?

What are your favorites?


Julia Kelly said...

we have a lot of the same favorites! Baking, online shopping, chirstmas books-especially kids christmas books, music, lights....and only 5 more school days until Jacob has 3 weeks off!

Shannon said...

This post just makes me so HAPPY! I am loving plugging in the Christmas tree first thing in the morning... peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks... getting Christmas cards in the mail... and counting down (5 days!) until people I love are here for a visit!

Linda Toolson said...

Can't wait to see everyone in Washington. Pray for good driving weather!

becky said...

Well I know that you and dad are definately two of my favorites! Cant' wait to see you and don't worry I am saving up my present for wrapping :)

Shareen said...

Aww, Dad made the list up there with the decorations, Christmas music & Christmas books. He should be honored.

Kristie said...

love all your favorites! you have passed them on to all of us as well!